About Miss Molly


If you're reading this then I guess you're a little interested in who I am and how I became a submissive to my Master.
Well, my journey started quite a few years ago when I met Master of all places in the supermarket, yes that's right, in the supermarket. He literally said hello to me in the frozen food aisle and it went from there...so yes, he had me at Hello ;-)
Initially we started out as a vanilla couple or so I thought, but that didn't really last very long and while the sex was amazing Master had other ideas. My first foray into being tied up and at his mercy started innocently while I was kneeling on a rug and he simply said "perhaps I should tie your hands". I remember at the time I got a little shiver and a wave of anticipation came over me while Master went down to his shed and came back with a few electrical ties. Needless to say, the session that followed was one of the most memorable moments of my life.
Over time Master introduced more and more complexity into the relationship as well as different rules and training and each time I surprised myself by becoming more and more submissive to his lead. Today I look back and see that at the time I would  never have thought or considered myself a submissive, but without a doubt I know now that I truly am and I love it!
Since those early beginnings, Master and I have done so many things, with other couples and singles, in private, at clubs and in some other rather naughty places. All the while I do exactly as I'm told, when I'm told, and with who I'm told.
Having said that you are probably thinking by now what an insecure and/or weak person I may be that needs a man to tell me what to do. Well the truth is a long way from this, I am in fact a successful professional in my own right, I've run businesses, worked in the executive world and have a tertiary education and all of this is one reason why you'll never see my face. So the actual answer to why I am what I am is just that this is what I love and Master is who I love.
Talking of Master it is probably important for me to talk a little about him as well. First and foremost he comes from a similar background and prefers to remain anonymous in all of my online media, however he does help and sees just about all of what I post and write including this. Along with his devious and extremely intelligent mind comes one of a bit of a craftsman and some of you will have seen me strapped or tied to various items in my social media pages and almost all of these he has made himself. I have spent many hours in his workshop reading, posting online and generally squirming with anticipation as some of his erotic machines come to life. Our relationship has always been strong and it's fair to say that we also have a normal relationship with normal friends as well, so in actual fact I am not quite a true submissive 24/7. To finish on Master, the one thing that really amazes me about him is the fact that he says he knew I was a submissive as soon as he met me and before I even realised I was. As I walk this journey he still continues to find ways to take me out of my comfort zone in ways that sometimes scare me but I continually find that I love it and crave more. He is truly my Master.
So, today I have a web site that sells day collars used in the D/s world, again as many of you have seen I wear them constantly, they are placed on me by Master. It is his choice what I wear and for how long and he always hold the key. These collars remind me not only that I am owned, but that I am also loved and cherished because a real Master or Dom will also do that and always be there to support and comfort the other half at any time and especially after a session of pain or bondage and anyone that doesn't do this, does not deserve to be called one.
Over the years I have had many day collars and all of them very beautiful. They often get commented on in public and sometimes people either know or realise what they mean and at times I still blush at the thought, but at the same time it also gives me a thrill. 
The collection of day collars and locks that I have on my website are again thanks to Master's capability and craftsmanship, all are handmade with care and consideration and I have test worn many of the early trial items.
I hope that if you purchase one of my collars and you are a submissive, little etc. that you feel comfortable, loved and cherished when it is place upon you as I do, and if you are a Dom or Master that you place it round your submissive's necks with respect and responsibility and that you enjoy the feeling of knowing that she has given herself to you and that you own something wonderful.
Good luck & thank you....